Our Values and Goals 

In our Cairn Terriers, we have valued:

*  Robust anatomical, physiological, and temperamental health;
    we test eyes and liver, and breed dogs to avoid renal and liver
    dysplasia (kidney or liver malformation and impairment).
*  We have tested our Cairns' eyes annually.
    Our essay on terrier eye health is posted on Scotland's CTC website
*  Temperament - a Cairn can be happy companion with a sense of
    humor bordering on pure joy ...
*  Conformation - Cairns are canine "athletes," built to hunt the
     mountainous terrain of the home of the Breed, Scotland's
     Isle of Skye.
Proposed parents, sires and dams, were screened-"clear" of symptoms or known identifiers of serious genetically-transmitted conditions found, albeit rarely, in purebred Cairn Terriers.

No Cairn Terriers, affected or carrier-identified, were used as breeding animals.  Our only breed is the gallant purebred Cairn Terrier, not Cairn Terriers with parentage with unknown disease status, and ...
certainly not genetically-vulnerable, mixed-breed, "designer dogs."

Our Wonderful Adopting Families

We have placed our Cairns with thoroughly screened families.  
Should any situation arise that prevents the family from continuing to care for a Jabberwock Cairn Terrier, our sales contract requires that the family contact us and allow us to accept their Cairn back and arrange re-homing.  We are serious about our responsibilities to each Cairn Terrier we have helped produce.

Jabberwock Cairn Terriers will always receive the 
love and care they deserve. 

No Jabberwock Cairn Terrier will ever
darken the door of an animal shelter!
Champion Jabberwock Beamish Boy
©   2018 Jabberwock Cairn Terriers of
St. Paul  

Jabberwock Little Sure Shot ("Annie") (2007) and
Ch. Jabberwock Sam Adams (2007)

Show dogs
Where Puppies Come From:

     What's the difference between
    commercial breeders, puppy brokers,
    and pet shops versus specialty breeders
    of purebreds?
    Try this graphic:

     The Difference is ... Night and Day!

Jabberwock, the essence of a terrier

Jabberwock has a membership in the

Cairn Terrier Club of America (CTCA)

Member, National Board of Governors, 2011-13, CTCA

Chair of the CTCA Ethics Education Committee
(2013-  )

Jabberwock and British and Irish Breeders 
of Purebred Cairn Terriers

Jabberwock Cairn Terriers of St. Paul

We strongly recommend Intelligent and Joyful Purebred Companions for Families who care about quality:
Canine Health and Temperament!

We also insist on Ethical Behavior that respects the games in the canine hobby, one's colleagues, and the
Cairn Terriers themselves!
With Meg in the toy car of our friend, Rick

Please note:  We do not have puppies and do not anticipate having puppies available in the future.

We have retired from the sport of purebred dogs and will be content to enjoy our Cairn Terriers as a "pet family."

We can strongly recommend members of the CTCA who breed purebred Cairns as worthy of your contact!  Be sure to ask, though, about health and health screening of all dogs!
Ethics Education

At its meeting on 21 June, 2013, as part of its Five Year Plan, the CTCA Board of Governors approved the creation of an Ethics Education Committee.  This Committee will promote:

*  Understanding of ethics and sportsmanship
*  Behavior that is ethical and sportsmanlike

Here is the updated slide show based on our presentation to the CTCA Board:

     The CTCA, Ethics, and Sportsmanship

Here is the "handout" we used as our first training activity:

     The Story of Rick

     Ethics and Sportsmanship (an essay)
   Lifelong Learning

Jim's Commencment Address at Northwestern Health Sciences University, December, 2013.
 CTCA Newsletter Ethics Education Columns:
"Respecting the Game ... And Each Other!"

Sue with one-year-old Meg at a Specialty show in St. Paul