Over the years, our contacts with breeders of purebred British and Irish Cairn Terriers have been most gratifying.  Thanks to the Internet, we are in contact with breeders and dog judges in England, Ireland, and Scotland.  Our trips to the Millenium Shows on the Isle of Skye in April, 2000 and our participation in the Midland Open Show in August, 2005, were thoroughly enjoyable.
Contacts with the British and Irish Cairn Terrier Breeder Community
Although Challenge-Certificate-winning British Cairn Terriers tend to be somewhat larger than ours in the US, the best are as well-conformed and efficient in their movement as the top US Cairns.  We respect British and Irish breeders of long experience and enjoy any opportunity to visit them and their Open and Championship shows in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.  In August, 2005, due to the kindness of our late (2009) friend Jeff Sedley, Cairn Specialist judge, Jim participated as a show steward to Jeff as he judged the Midland Open Show in Derbyshire.

                            Judge Jeff Sedley and Jim

  Jim's co-steward, respected Cairn breeder,  judge, and good friend, the late (2009) Mr Alf Jennings, took him on as his understudy and, before Judge Sedley's six and one-half hours of judging (104 Cairn Terriers) was over, Alf said, "You've got it down now, Jim.  You're ready to steward any British show!"
"After the shows, we were privileged to visit Ann Wall at her home in Higham, Derbys.  Ann is the owner-handler of several beautiful Cairn Terriers, including Ch. Shearwater Cae De Sonhas (Portuguese: "dog of my dreams").  When I was permitted to examine 'Sonny,' I was amazed at the solid structure of this large-boned male.   His legs felt like iron pipes.  This fellow is prime representative of the sturdy and happy British Cairn Terrier, and he has more than two dozen Challenge Cerificates to show for it.  Three CCs are required for a British championship, but the UK Champs can continue to compete with class dogs after that third award!"
As a reward for our strenuous efforts at the Midland Open Show, Judge Sedley and Nina Sedley graciously squired us about the beautiful countryside of north England.  The highpoints were our visit to the Chatsworth Gardens, to Blackwell House and Lake Windermere.
Back Home
As in 2000, we arrived in Britain in the summer of 2005 as visitors with a dog-breeding and showing hobby, and we were welcomed as family, especially by our late friends, Alf and Jeff, and their wives.

Many British and Irish folks love dogs, especially hunting and herding dogs and their terriers, and form an almost immediate bond with those who share their passion.

With our Cairns and our British and Irish Cairn-loving friends, we are blessed.