Champion Jabberwock Beamish Boy
Now he's in the lap of luxury ...
Gentleman Beamish' family:  None better!
The last laugh!
Beamish Boy's the Big Brother now!
Sister Cairndale Kenzie's squirrel- and mouse-hunting companion!
The Early Years:  He led the life of a showman ... He was a joy to show, and
has always been a fine companion.
Beamie Baby on the bluff over
Ole Man River in St Paul
As many Cairn Terriers do, Beams has changed colours on us, but he's still the happy boy we helped Bonnie whelp at our home in the -30F winter of '99!  Our vet, Jan Whitman, made a special house call to take care of the few dew claws on Beamish and his sisters, Brillig and Tove.
Back home
Beamish Boy takes a break; Kenzie has the dog watch ...
Beam with his favorite toy,
Red Dragon ...

(Once a Jabberwock, always ...)